The strength of many voices speaking as one

The strength of many voices speaking as one

Voices Against Trafficking™ brings together national and international partners dedicated to eradicating the business of profiting in human lives. We are individuals, corporations, survivors, nonprofits, law enforcement agencies, legislators, media outlets, and human rights advocates. And we will be heard.

Every 40 seconds in the U.S. a child 18 years and under is abducted.Children account for half of the victims of human trafficking. The average age a young person becomes involved in sex trafficking is 12 years old.The average victim of sex trafficking has a life expectancy of 7 years

We’re fighting to end human trafficking, a multibillion-dollar industry that has no place in our world.

At Voices Against Trafficking™, we’re the voice for the voiceless and aim for justice and specialized care for all victims, while holding traffickers accountable. Together, we’re committed to eradicating human bondage and sexual slavery.

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Our New Partnership With The Paratus Groups Helps To Prevent Human Trafficking

Voices Against Trafficking is proud to partner with The Paratus Group to bring situational awareness training to your family, school, church, local leadership, business and more – in just minutes a day. This customizable 1st Responder Program training will help prevent human trafficking and other crimes against innocents. We hope you’ll partner with us by getting the training.

Start now by clicking this link to visit The Paratus Group website for more information.

Proud Supporters and Collaborators

20 people. Two countries. One voice.

20 people. Two countries. One voice.

Voices Against Trafficking™ – The Strength of Many Voices Speaking As One is a compelling compilation of insights, stories and frontline knowledge from trafficking survivors, human rights advocates and journalists. Every chapter provides essential truths and advice that affirm we can defeat the rising tide of human predators. Compiled by veteran activist Andi Buerger, these words demonstrate the power of joining as one voice against the evil of 21st-century slavery that is the business of global human trafficking.

VOC Magazine

Voices of Courage™ Magazine

Voices of Courage™ Magazine

VOC Magazine

Voices Against Trafficking (VAT) collaborates with media outlets, notably the Voices Of Courage Magazine. This magazine and its accompanying TV program spotlight individuals dedicated to ending human trafficking and promoting human rights. It celebrates everyday heroes who protect human rights, with a keen emphasis on victims of human trafficking and their brave saviors from various backgrounds.

The magazine delves into their motivations, challenges, and impactful stories. It covers truths about human trafficking, post-trauma recovery tools, and actionable steps for readers, offering insights on prevention, healing, and hope.

Proudly, Voices of Courage Magazine is now part of the Library of Congress, serving as a lasting source of inspiration and information. International readers can purchase a copy here.