Chris Meek Joins Voices Against Trafficking Board of Directors

STAMFORD, Conn. – Chris Meek, host of the VoiceAmerica Network podcast, Next Steps Forward, has been named to the Voices Against Trafficking board of directors.

About Voices Against Trafficking

Voices Against Trafficking seeks justice and compassionate specialized care for all victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. The organization serves as a collective network comprising individuals, corporations, survivors, nonprofit organizations, law enforcement agencies, legislators, media outlets, and human rights advocates. Together, they aim to be the voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Contributions to the Cause

Chris Meek recently contributed a chapter to the book, “Voices Against Trafficking: The Strength of Many Voices Speaking As One.” The book compiles insights, stories, and frontline knowledge from trafficking survivors, human rights advocates, and journalists. Compiled by veteran activist Andi Buerger, the book serves as a testament to the power of collective action against human trafficking.

Why Chris Meek Joined

“I met Andi Buerger when she was a guest on my podcast in December 2020. Her personal story, activism, and passion were so compelling that I was moved to lend my voice to the cause,” said Chris Meek.

Andi Buerger’s Statement

“Chris has been an ardent supporter of Voices Against Trafficking for years,” said Andi Buerger. “His talent, skills, and presence on our Board will undoubtedly elevate our movement to end human trafficking and restore human rights to a new level.”

About Chris Meek

Chris Meek is the co-founder, chairman, and CEO of SoldierStrong, a national nonprofit focused on connecting veterans with revolutionary medical technology. He has received numerous awards for his philanthropy, including the President’s Call to Service Award, March of Dimes Franklin Delano Roosevelt Outstanding Corporate Citizen Award, and Syracuse University’s Orange Circle Award.

Next Steps Forward Podcast

As the host of the weekly podcast “Next Steps Forward with Chris Meek” on the VoiceAmerica Network’s Empowerment Channel, Chris discusses resilience, empowerment, and leadership with leaders from various fields, including business, politics, public policy, sports, and entertainment.


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