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  • Next Steps Forward chronicles the marriage of vision, determination, and […]

  • Voices Against Trafficking: the Strength of Many Voices Speaking As One collects insights, stories, and frontline knowledge from trafficking survivors, human rights advocates, and journalists. Every chapter provides essential truths and advice that affirm we can defeat the rising tide of human predators. Compiled by veteran activist Andi Buerger, these words demonstrate the power of joining as one voice against the evil of 21st-century slavery that is the business of global human trafficking. One voice has tremendous power. But when voices unite collectively to combat human trafficking and sexual exploitation, an unstoppable movement is born.

  • Andi Buerger survived 17 years of sex trafficking by immediate […]

  • Raised in a large Massachusetts family, Eric Caron was inspired by his father, a police officer and former Marine, to pursue a life dedicated to service and justice. Over his 25-year career as a Special Agent and Diplomat for the U.S. Government, Eric became an authority on terrorism, money laundering, and transnational crime. His investigations have spanned from rogue U.S. defense contractors to international WMD programs, captivating national attention.

  • The threats we face today are growing unprecedentedly. The events […]